Tips on Starting up a Plumbing Business

Whether you have just started thinking about it or if you have been operating your own plumbing company for the past couple of years, now is a good time to ask yourself why? Why do you want to be your own boss? Is it to earn money, maintain control, you just enjoy the notion of it or because you believe you can do it better? The answer probably does not matter. What does matter is that as soon as you understand the answer, you set some goals so that you can track whether or not reality lives up to your expectation. The goals for your commercial plumbing services will need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely).

If the purpose is to earn more money, just how much money do I want to make per year and the number of hours will I want to work a week to make this happen? Learn more about setting SMART goals here. As soon as you know why you are interested in being your own boss and what success looks like you will need to ask yourself would you realistically have the skills to accomplish those aims. Here you want to be quite honest with yourself. Broadly speaking, to start and develop a kick-ass plumbing business you will have to be a terrific communicator with excellent time management and multitasking abilities to be somebody who is good under pressure.

Speak with the Government
There is actually quite a lot involved in establishing and building your own business. Before you do anything drastic, save yourself time and money by knowing what is involved in running a company; whether it is an appliance repair service business, or a plumbing one there are always hidden costs involved.

Speak to Your Accountant
If you do not have an accountant you will need to find one as soon as possible. Or ask one of your tradie mates, or find a tradie to see what they use for their commercial business to get an idea on who to use.

Pick a name
If by this point you still wish to do this you want to decide on a business name. You then need to look at the domain name and see if it is available, and that you are not breaching any trademarks. All of the research sites mentioned previously has links to websites that allow you to check availability and actually register the title as soon as you have found one you like.

Get Online
No one in their right mind will want to start a company and then try to keep it a secret so among the first things you will need to do is construct a Facebook page and a site. For new and current companies there is not a single legitimate reason for not having both a site and Facebook page. It is so important for you to be seen online, on many different platforms. Make sure you create your own website so that potential clients can easily search your business online, and contact you straight away.

Build your contacts
Now you have established your general plumbing company and built up a digital profile hopefully some work has begun to roll in. There is still a lot more things you can do to fill the pipeline. Essentially, now you are in business you will need to go and tell a whole lot of people which may refer business to you such as local real estate agencies, contractors, friends, family members, the neighborhood school and any regional businesses. If you would like to contact a local builder then there is no harm in an email or telephone call to determine if they would be to get a conversation about using you and your staff as their favorite technicians. They will be keen to understand why you believe you can do a much better job at a better rate than their current provider so be certain to read the rest of this post to receive your ducks in a row.

When it comes to the real estate agent or hardware providers working in the area the very same tactics apply. Before you get in contact with these men you should have a very clear opinion on;

  • Why or how a relationship with you would be ideal for their customers?
  • Why they ought to consider you rather than their existing partner/s?
  • How do you establish that working together is a low risk choice?

If you follow these instructions you are going to have a business set up digitally and physically, you will have started promoting it and the tasks will be beginning to stream – awesome! If everything goes well you are going to get really busy, but do not forget to return to the ‘why’ and keep in mind your achievable goals to remain on your business track.


Paul Henry