Facts You Didn’t Know About The Shoe Industry

Depending on where you live, shoes are thought about more than a necessity to secure your feet as you walk – they are viewed as status symbols. Kids wishing to imitate a preferred athlete will look for the brand they wear, and tv programs like Sex and the City location focus on womens boots designers like Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo. The international footwear market is quite lucrative and as diverse as the demographics to which it markets. Inning accordance with IBISWorld, footwear represented over $100 billion in overall trade in 2007 and is expected to increase in the next years.

The health of the shoe market is likewise dependent on various resources: fabrics, plastics, and natural and artificial rubber. Some companies may concentrate on a basic product like versatile tennis shoes and athletic shoes or womens shoes, while others supply shoes for a particular usage– dance shoes, steel-toed boots for heavy labor, and baby shoes. Inning accordance with Allure Magazine, the average American female may own as lots of as twenty-seven sets of shoes, so one can argue a demand for the new product will constantly exist.

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Quick Facts About the Footwear Industry

Inning accordance with Intertek:

Consumers in the United States alone acquired almost 2.5 million sets of shoes in 2006.

Of the shoes purchased in the United States, almost 99% of them were imported.

As the worldwide population is anticipated to rise five-fold in 2050 (source: World Resources Institute), intake of shoes will double every 20 years.

In action to the requirement for sustainable and environment-friendly production, lots of companies have begun utilizing biodegradable materials in items and product packaging, as well as recycling old shoes for brand-new purposes.


Significant Exporters of Footwear

As one might anticipate, Asia is a bigger exporter of womens ankle boots and mens shoes. Here’s how the trade breaks down by nation:

China – Footwear comprises a considerable portion of China’s total $1.9 trillion export earnings. While the United States is a big partner in export trade, China likewise ships large numbers of shoes to Russia.

Indonesia – According to the Jakarta Post, the nation’s shoe production market has actually considerably enhanced the economy. Over the last a number of years, business has transferred to Indonesia from Taiwan and South Korea, and numerous hold a license to popular brand names.

Vietnam – More than 10 percent of the country’s total exports are footwear, delivered to the United States, Japan, and China.


Significant Importers of Footwear

As kept in mind previously, the United States imports nearly all available shoes on the marketplace. Other leading importers consist of:

China – Despite their status as a leading exporter, the Chinese also import foreign-made shoes, especially leather designs (source: Duke University).

Germany – With European shoe production on the decrease due to the move of companies off-shore, countries like Germany depend upon imports of shoes.

France – Similar to Germany and other nations in the EU, France imports an excellent percentage of footwear for usage.


The Future of the Industry

The international footwear industry deals with lots of obstacles in regards to increasing sustainability. According to Intertek, contamination is a problem that can not be disregarded for much longer. In China alone, more than 200 million metric tons of wastewater were produced in 2009 as an outcome of shoe manufacturing. A research study into eco-friendly resources like vegetable-tanned leathers, natural rubber, and hemp will figure out the changes that have to be made to make footwear production less harmful while keeping stability. As the worldwide population continues to increase, so will the need for the shoes online.

Paul Henry